Volunteer Activities
John Detherage with North Oldham Fire Chief
Rick Albers at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial
on the courthouse lawn in Oldham County.  
John served as a volunteer with North Oldham
TEN years. As Lieutenant, he was a
hazardous material technician, swift water/flood
rescue tech,fire/rescue boat operator, rope
tech,confined space tech and WMD Tactical
Ops. Also former board member of WMD
Haz-Mat 6 Regional Response Team and on
the Oldham County Technical Rescue Team.  
Served from Sept. 2002 thru Jan. 2007 as
Oldham Emergency Management Agency,
BioTerrorism ResponseCoordinator.  John is
enrolled at KCTCS in the Fire Science degree
progam (Deans List, fall 2009) and is a KY state
certified fire and rescue instructor with a
specialty in HazMat, John taught at North
Oldham Fire Department, and for LMPD
Joint-Emergency Services Unit.  Elected
Constable dist. 2, John is now a law
enforcement officer in Oldham County.
May 21, 2005 is a date many at the
North Oldham Fire Department will
always remember.  It was early
morning and everyone was finishing
up all the little details on the new
Goshen Station. You see, today was
the station dedication ceremony,
where the public was invited to
witness the changing of the flags, the
honoring of the many who helped
build the new facility and take the first
tours.  We were all there standing at
attention doing our duty for the public
as we always do. After all it was our
honor for them to attend and show
how much they appreciate our
As evening set in, most went home to
relax, just as John Detherage did.
This is Danica on
Heather at the Spring
Run Horse Trials in
Prospect.  She is
jumping the elephant
poles.  I don't know
why they call them that.

This image of Danica
and Heather, jumping
the Arborcare logo
appear on the front of
the white Arborcare
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J.   L. Detherage
Blue ribbon winner of the 2004
Ky State Fair photography
contest, (Unclassified Division).  
It features Ben Star owned by R.
Zoller and a farmhand in the
eye.  Call for details
John Detherage (2nd from left)
with J-ESU Team members on
special enforcement duty at
the Kentucky Derby.  
John L. Detherage
The Flying Cross Horse Trials
take place in Skylight, Kentucky at
the end of September each year.
The farm is named after a Flying
Cross recipient, J. Allen Northcutt.
Arborcare participates in the
horse trials by purchasing
advertising in the show program
and by volunteering as a judge.  
Combined training is a wonderful
opportunity for young people to be
active in a sport that builds strong
character, teaches responsibility
and is highly competitive.  
Arborcare also participates in the
Spring Run Horse Trials as well
as the Pony Club Hunter shows.
A Young Rider (Martha Lambert)Negotiates the Arborcare
Wing Standards in the Stadium Jumping Phase of the
Copyright 2001 John L.
Copyright 2001 John l. Detherage
It was about 10:30 pm when John heard a loud crash just down the road, very close by.  
Calling 911 immediately he reported that an accident just occurred.  Leaving the
driveway in his truck, he saw a car upside down in the creekbed on fire.  Along with
two other bystanders John had to rescue a trapped, unconscious driver form the
burning wreck.  Click "
whole story" to read on.
Rachael Coombs on Spyder at the
2000 Moncada Horse Trials