Thinning & Deadwood
Thinning is virtually the same as structural pruning.   An addition would
be to selectively remove limbs to create less wind resistance in trees
that are too full.  In trees where at least 30% sun does not show through,
there is an increased chance for wind damage.  A tree that is too full will
catch the wind like a sail on a ship and uproot the tree more easily.  A
proper thinning job removes strategically positioned limbs to allow for
strong future branch development while increasing the passage of wind
through the crown.  A beneficial side effect is better respiration of the
leaves. Respiration is the exchange of gasses during and after energy
is used for growth.

Dead limb (deadwood) removal is perhaps the most important
maintenance need for pin oaks and ash trees.  An abundance of
thousands of small dead twigs routinely afflicts these species.  Dead-
wood is still connected the interior of the parent limb or trunk and
continues to siphon water from the tree.  Sort of like if you remove the
glass from a kerosene lamp, raise the wick and allow it to evaporate.  
Water keeps evaporating from deadwood all season long.  Removing
all the deadwood from a pin oak, including the fine 1/2 inch pieces will
make the tree enormously more efficient.  Increased growth on less
water.  Faster growth is a benefit because it is how the tree defends
itself from insects and disease.  Removing deadwood also takes away
the source of most fungal infection mediums.  Fungal spores can be
introduced into the trunk if deadwood is allowed to remain on the tree.  
Performing a "Class A" prune costs more but is much more thorough
and has long lasting benefits.  It is true that, "you get what you pay for."
J.   L. Detherage
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