Stump Removal
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If the unfortunate should happen and one of your precious trees must be removed,
the job would not be complete if evidence remained that a tree was once there.  
After the chipper and crane have gone, Arborcare can return and grind out the
portion of the stump showing above the grass line.  Most tree care companies
grind a big pile of chips from your stump and leave them in a mound.  It takes
approximately 8 years for this pile to rot down to the point where the soil line and
grass return to look normal.  In most cases weeds dominate the area and choke
out turf grass.  Arborcare gives pricing for the removal of the stump, removal of the
stump chips and the addition of "Earthfirst" soil.  Earthfirst is a company in Indiana
which provides the soil Arborcare uses after cleaning out the stump chips so
normal turf grass will establish quickly.  Seed is worked into the soil and straw
added to the top for moisture preservation during the germination process. In a
few months your neighbors will be hard pressed to tell where the tree once stood.  
A new tree can be planted 3 to 5 feet from the old one.  Providing a complete
service from start to finish is the right way to do business.  Do it right the first time.  
The Arborcare way.  
John L. Detherage
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