Large dead trees over structures are our
specialty.  It is best to remove a dead tree as
soon as it dies.  The rotting process begins
quickly and makes the tree more expensive to
remove as time passes.
Storm damage can be an upsetting
Arborcare gives first priority to existing
customers with trees on top of their houses.  
 Arborcare is an expert at performing            
Zero Impact Removals. Using the crane and
bucket truck to lift out all the material to save
the ground and driveways from damage. Click
on the link to see a video of a zero impact
Dangerous Removals
click for larger image
Second priority is given to new customers
with trees on top of houses or other
structures.  Third is general storm damage
and trees down in the lawn.  Priority is given
to the emergency.  If the tree has breached
the roof and water can enter, it takes priority
over a tree limb that is just laying on the roof.

The Arborcare personnel get a real workout
after large storms.  The chipper and crane
too.  It is not unusual for us to work 16 hour
days till the emergency work is complete
Prices reflect the additional wear on
employees and equipment.  

When electricity is lost during a storm, never
touch a metal fence. It could be energized
from a wire down several houses away.  
Backyard chain link fences often connect to
each other.
This giant hollow tulip tree was removed in 15 degree
weather to take advantage of frozen ground, preventing
damage from our large trucks.  Just another zero-impact-
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This Uprooted Poplar produced a
20 foot tall root ball
J.  L. Detherage
Storm Damage in Old Taylor Place
Yes Sir, this bad boy
will fit into the chipper.  
Directly from the tree to
the chipper, very little
time or energy is
wasted.  This is another
example of a
"zero impact removal".  
You may see the
climber in the upper
right corner attaching
the nylon sling to the
next giant limb to be
removed.  Enormous
trees are efficiently
removed safely,
resulting in lower costs
for the customer.