John L. Detherage
The name Arborcare was created on March 3, 1986. The company known
as Arborcare has roots dating back to 1976.  When John was 12 years old
his father ask him what he would like for his birthday.  John asked for a
Kenwood stereo with tower speakers.  Ha ha, his father said, if you want a
"steereo" the lawn mower is in the garage and you can earn it yourself.  Well
that settled it, a lawn service was born, JD's Lawn Service.
For 10 years the neighbors had quality lawn care.  When John turned 16
and bought his first pickup truck, hauling and light tree work began.  During
college John partnered up with an acquaintance, Butthead who was a tree
climber.  For 2 weeks they did lawn service and tree work together.  The two
parted company and John began tree work on his own.  
Since 1986 Arborcare has been an innovator in how tree work is performed.  
John met Larry Sanger in the early 1990's and started performing tree work
from the top of Larry's 103 foot crane.  This greatly improved efficiency on
the job site.  Shortly after, most all tree services that didn't own a crane
began hiring Larry for supplemental crane use.  
When the ISA began its Certified Arborist testing program, John was there to
take the exam along with other top professionals in the state.  Scoring a 91%
on the first professionally available test it was in the top 3 in the state of
Kentucky.  A gentleman from Lexington and one from Berea scored higher.
Certified Arborist section)
Arborcare is always striving to provide the highest quality for reasonable
prices while maintaining safety and integrity. Beginning January 1, 2010
Arborcare changed its name to Arborcare Inc.
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John L. Detherage
John Detherage with his award winning photograph of a closeup of a horses eye with a girl in the
reflection, won first premium at the 100th Ky State Fair.  There were 212 entries in the
unclassified division.
This print can be
yours.  Blue ribbon
winner of the 2004 Ky
State Fair
contest, (Unclassified
Division).  It features
Ben Star owned by R.
Zoller and a farm hand
in the eye.  Call for
Since you are still here, you must be interested.
Favorite Quotes:
If you aren't living on the're taking up too much room!
The only thing needed for evil to for good men to do nothing!
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Favorite TV: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, 24, NCIS, Unit, KY Basketball
Favorite Meal:  King crab legs, lobster, baked potato and a small steak.
Favorite Drink:  A & W Rootbeer
Favorite sport:  Hunting,  UK Basketball,  Hiking, Travel
Bad Habits:  Too friendly,  Having a hard time saying no to volunteering.
Favorite Hobby:
Photography, Volunteering (see volunteer activities page)
Biggest Current Concern:  How to stop the bad guys and help the innocent.
Alternative Occupation:  Instructor/Teacher, Remodeling my house
(wanna help?)
Current Status: Single, but willing to do less volunteering if the right one comes

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copyright 2001 John l. Detherage
After trying several years....AAHHHH success. The 100th
Kentucky State Fair, Unclassified Division, 250 plus entries.  
It's like I say during basketball season ........................GO BIG
BLUE!!!  It's fun to win!